Strain Review: Keep Tahoe Blue by Maggie’s Farm Colorado

Good afternoon #cannafam! I wanted to make sure you got your daily dose this Thursday, so I’m hitting you with another cannabis review!

1.Strain: Keep Tahoe Blue
2.Likely genetics: Tahoe OG, Blue Dream, True Kush
3. Labeled as: Hybrid
4.Smells like: deep woods, fresh laundry, hint of fruitiness.
5. Tastes like: sour earthiness
6. Cultivated by: @maggiesfarmmjcolorado

Keep Tahoe Blue Strain Review

My thoughts 🤔
Like I do with most of my strains, I picked this particular one by its aroma and appearance. The smell feels almost like taking a stroll through the woods, a little enchanting! I wasn’t a big fan of the taste, however, the effects of the strain make up for it! Keep Tahoe Blue surprised me with its elevating high, as if I had pounded some coffees, I felt totally energized and ready to focus on doing some work on cannaquestions 😉

I’ve been seeing more of Maggie’s Farm strains around lately, and so far they have not disappointed me! They each stand out on their own tier, they’re dense, sticky, and potent. Most places I’ve seen that carry them offer fair prices as well! Overall, they get a 4/5 from me!
Pair this high with some edm music! Breeze by Berg, Skazi had me amped! 🎶

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Alejandro Perez is the owner of CannaQuestions, an educational community for cannabis consumers. Find his page on Instagram @cannaquestions, or visit the official website!

One thought on “Strain Review: Keep Tahoe Blue by Maggie’s Farm Colorado

  • November 26, 2020 at 6:58 pm

    I just got this, and your terpine notes seem to be on target. It would be helpful if you could mention the THC percentage, as well as the exact terpines for each strain…I think this would be Limonene and Humilene…just an uneducated guess. Also, this one is high in THC, at 21.9-24.9%. My pack also says its a pure sativa, not a sativa-dominant hybrid or indica.


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