Strain Review: Koolato by Promoco DC


Lineage/Genetics: Face on Fire x GSC x Gelato 33

Original Breeder: Gas Co.

Distributor: Promoco DC

Via: @promoco_vapenz

Koolato Strain Review

Koolato has made a name for itself in recent months, with The Seed Vault x Gas Co. cut becoming Yukmouth’s (The Luniz) signature strain and heavily advertised as such. Rightfully, the hype around this strain has been growing, and there have been a few different Koolato’s floating around DC, so I was excited to see that @promoco_vapenz had one on the menu having never tried the strain before.

The Koolato nugs I was gifted are chunky, rotund and squat with the pictured medium sized nug weighing in over two and a half grams. The density is super apparent when breaking apart these flakey, yet malleable buds. This Koolato possesses a slightly leafy exterior dominated by moss and sage green with slight pastel hues. Emerging at the upper tips and most sugar leaves is a sprinkling of classic violet, resulting in an almost turquoise like blending of color in the light. Trichomes seem to group together in glossy patches strewn across the the buds surface and equally importantly, coating every inch of the interior.

First whiffs of Koolato ring very reminiscent of a creamy Gelato, but if you really stick your nose in you get mired in a blend of berries, citrus “cleaner”, soapy kush and a cool mint menthol. The flavor initially leans heavily into its Girl Scout Cookie, semi-sweet, doughy origins, amplified by notes of sour hash, tropical green tea, and a piney, spice fueled lemon diesel.

While Koolato’s appearance, aroma and palate express more of a GSC/Gelato lineage, the effects tilt heavily towards its Face on Fire and FaceOff OG roots. The first few minutes almost feel like a strong cup of coffee as a wave of spacey, yet ‘energetic’ bliss rushes head to toe. It’s a hazy, tingly pressure which felt mainly in the face, neck and shoulders. Over time, the high really settles into the body with a tranquilizing “couch lock” like effect.


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