Strain Review: MAC Breath by West Coast Sunrise

#macbreath 🔥

Lineage/Genetics: Jelly Breath x MAC

Original Breeder: In House Genetics

Grower: West Coast Sunrise

West Coast Sunrise MAC Breath Strain Review

27.04% #thc
30.80% #cannabinoids .
@westcoast_sunrise .
🔥pungent earthy pine scent with undertones of vanilla. Smokes cool and light, gives a nice haze feeling to your senses, the pine lingers in the for front of your sinus which was kind of irritating.
💯 #tricomes frosted all over the flower. Mostly Light green Nugs with jade leaves and nice dark orange hairs. Midsize – big nugs, easy to seperate from stem
🔥relaxing body sensation, couch locked but not sleep .. #motormouth, this strain had me rambling on about nothing for hours.
Eventually got a slight headache and crashed pretty hard .. although i slept like a baby 🤣
8/10 strong high, just give it some time .. smaller doses might help manage how you feel.
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#macdre #oaktown #yayarea #unify

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