Strain Review: Meat Sweats by Boutique Smoke

Meat Sweats – @boutiquesmoke

Nose: Smoky, zesty, earthy, citrus, piney with a hint of floral
Inhale: Smoky, zesty, diesel, citrus, piney, with a hint of floral.
Exhale: Musty and sweet.

Lineage/Genetics 🧬: Hectane x Meat Breath

(Original Breeder) Bred by: Boutique Smoke

(Grower) Grown by: Boutique Smoke

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Meat Sweats Strain Review

What’s up everyone? I hope you are all having a great weekend and are excited for another review we have featuring Boutique Smoke. I’ve been more than impressed with both the uniqueness and quality with the offerings from him so far. On this one we will be going over one of his more unique offerings called Meat Sweats. This is a cross between Hectane and Meat Breath and is a strain that Boutique has been perfecting for a little while now. I found it pretty amazing when I found out he was both the breeder and grower of this one. Let’s waste no more time and get into the facts!

The Meat Sweats I was gifted came in the same wood-lid suction jar that I received the Floruit in. I was greeted with a familiar odor of earth and pine notes which wasn’t too overpowering until you cracked open the buds. Once cracked, I got a strong scent of smokiness, citrus, zest, pine and hints of floral. I knew my taste buds were in for a treat again. The buds themselves were on the larger-side with iridescent shades of green and a super powdery coating of crystals. The bright, orange pistils definitely stood out more than normal on the Meat Sweats and tiny spots of purple could be found within after cracking open the bud. These miniature boulders were super sticky and, judging by the thickness, it was safe to say these had their fair share of nutrients. Upon breaking down the buds, I never really gain a smoky scent such as the one I got from the Meat Sweats. The zestiness of the bud as well as a variety of other terps become more and more evident at this stage. The break up was excellent and I was able to get more than my money’s worth with this one.

Overall Rating 9.2/10
Top Tier Approved ✅

When I sparked the Meat Sweats up in an organic RAW I received smooth notes of that distinct smokiness. This followed with an overload of terps from diesel, citrus (specifically lemon), pine and a touch of floral. The exhale was a little more on the simple side as this pulled a sweet, musty flavor. I was impressed by how smooth and clean the smoke was on this one although the inhales were gassy and powerful. This led to moderate pressure in the chest and some light coughing. I was really zoned in on the diesel notes about half way through the shesh which certainly attributed to the Meat Breath within the genetics. Additionally, I caught strong citrus notes of lemon which I believe could be attributed to the Hectane’s more fruity profile. This was nothing short of unique and gas! The joint burned a bone-white ash and a huge resin drip oozed from the sides. The quality of the structure led to a fantastic and even burn with the flavor lasting the entire way. Overall, this was one of the more unique strains I’ve I have tasted this year and fell nothing short of expectations.

The high left a strong feeling of eurphoria that helped me unwind after a long week. Although I felt the sedative effects of this indica-dominant strain, I did not feel as if this was too strong to enjoy a night out on. The full body high off of this made me a lot more loose and calm, really making it easy to engage in social situations. I did actually enjoy this with a nice night out to eat with my girlfriend. I was more on the chatty side as I caught myself talking to those at surrounding tables. Overall, I was very satisfied by the state of tranquility this put me in and enjoyed the high this gave me in general.

I feel like this would be an enjoyable strain for any intermediate to high level smoker. Due to the extremely level body high, I believe that would inevitably fall in love with the Meat Sweats’s ability to leave every bone in your body tingling while still providing enough energy to get the task at hand done. This also would be a good recommendation, in my opinion, for those who suffer from any chronic body pain or arthritis due to the strong euphoric body effects this created. Additionally, for all of you terp hunters out there, the Meat’s Sweat’s unique flavor will remedy all of those smokers who search for new taste profiles to try. I think Boutique hit it out of the park once again with this offering and we will be featuring his Mylar OG and Strawberries n Cream offerings sometime later in the week.



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