Strain Review: Ooh La La by Lemonnade

Strain: Ooh La La
Who: @cookiesenterprises x @thelemonnade x @runthejewels

Lineage/Genetics: Wedding Cake x LPC 50 (or 75)

Original Breeder: The Real Lemonnade

Grower: The Real Lemonnade

Dispensary: Cookies Melrose

Ooh La La Strain Review

ooh la la by the real lemonnade strain review by thefirescaleStats: 25.60% THC – 0% CBD
31.09% Total Cannabinoids

Aroma: Dried Fruit Leather, Sour Milk, Sweet Earth, Orange Concord Jelly.

Taste: Belgian Waffle, Hint of Citrus.

Structure: Dense & Flakey. Tiny & Squishy.

Medicinal Effect: Low-Moderate Strength. No couch lock, but not active. Sort of a middle-of-the-road head to body high. A little unfocused.

Overall: I admit, I bought this because I’m a big RTJ fan. But once I heard that this was a pheno of Cake Mix–you know I love these LPC crosses–I was also pumped to try out the strain.

First off, of course I love the packaging. RTJ4 cover in bright pink, I’m definitely keeping the bag around for a while. When I tear open the bag I my nose is first drawn to a nostalgic scent of natural dried fruit roll-ups. It’s sweet, sour, and welcoming. There’s hints of soil and sweet orange rind to round it out. But I really had to free my mind and dig out some of these notes. This is not a terpene-rich bag.

ooh la la by the real lemonnade strain review by thefirescaleNext, I spill the bag of buds out into my palm to discover a mostly hacked trim. Maybe I just got a bad bag, it happens, but quality control is whack here. This should have been turned into a concentrate or sold as smells or something. The third photograph in this series will show you how much larger my tweezers are than normal and the bud actually does look more frosty because I was forced to zoom in farther. So don’t be misguided from that picture. The nugs are very dense, the Wedding Cake is really showing up in the structure, and especially the taste.

The LPC is buried somewhere in the taste, but for me, it simply does not come through until the very end. This tastes more like a wedding cake without frosting.

Ultimately, I’m a bit let down.

So do I enjoy Ooh La La? I’ll say that my initial impression was that I liked it, but after digging into it a bit further this is closer to mids than fire. Stick to Cake Mix or LPC 75 on their own.

The Fire Scale: 6/10 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 flame-weedles

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One thought on “Strain Review: Ooh La La by Lemonnade

  • October 27, 2020 at 7:22 pm

    Shidd I’m glad I didn’t cop this from my potna. Cuz he had that oh lala. Instead I grab some otha shit from my otha potna that was fire. Crystalization like MF. So frosty. Especially when break da nugg apart. Man hold up. But shidd no wonder homie went dine on da price of that oh lala. I guess that ish is just some mid. Some Reggie kush lol 😂


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