Strain Review: Cosmic Crisp by Alien Labs

Strain: Cosmic Crisp
Who: @alienlabs

Lineage: Triangle Mints x Apple Fritter

Original Breeder: Alien Labs

Grower: Alien Labs

Dispensary: The Farmacy

Cosmic Crisp Strain Review

cosmic crisp by alien labs strain review by thefirescaleProduct 📸: @cali.budshots

Stats: 33.09% THC – 0% CBD
36.12% Total Cannabinoids

Aroma: Green Apple, Mango, Sweet Earth, Funfetti Cake.

Palate: Goat Cheese, Apple Juice, Hint of Lemon Fuel, Lingering Sour Fruit.

Structure: Lovely Trim, Fresh, Squishy Buds. Easy to break apart.Terpene rich.

Medicinal Effect: Moderate-High Strength, Even Keeled Hybrid Effect, Gentle Mix of both Body and Mind. Didn’t weigh me down or bring me up. Nice and relaxing. In true form, a little spacey. It is Alien Labs, after all.

Overall: This is my favorite Apple Fritter cross that I’ve had so far. The terpenes launch from the jar into your nose before you’re even able to completely break the seal. I get some of the same pleasurable olfactory sensations that I get from Green Crack, one of my all-time favorite strains. The bud looks gorgeous, shiny, and you definitely give it a second to admire before breaking it up. My palate is equally excited, as I get notes that traditionally don’t show up in cannabis.

Like other Alien Labs strains; to an educated palate, this is a great experience. While it is a potent strain, it doesn’t slam me into the ground. Instead, I feel a bit relaxed, lifted, and happy. Pick it up if all this sounds interesting to you.

The Fire Scale: 9/10 flame-crushas

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