Strain Review: Pink Lemonade by aeriz

Flavor chaser? I am! I tried the Pink Lemonade strain while sitting on my balcony, and it transported me to a chair swing on a porch in the south.

Lineage/Genetics: Purple Kush x Lemon Skunk x Unknown Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Original Breeder: Unknown

Grower: aeriz

Pink Lemonade Strain Review

This strain is as refreshing as a cold beverage on a warm day. ⁠⠀
@Aeriz strains consistently have great flavor (👋🏾 terps), and this is no different. The taste is balanced, equal parts sweet and tart. It’s a feel-good high. I emerged uplifted, mood boosted. ⁠⠀
Not every strain makes it into my @Gldleaf Cannabis Taster journal, but Pink Lemonade gives the energy boost I look for in sativas, with NONE of the raciness, and for that, I give it 5/5 🍋. ⁠⠀

This Pink Lemonade flower has been the talk of the town and for great reason. Pink Lemonade, a sativa-dominant hybrid with pungent citrus, menthol nose, is uplifting and inspires creativity. I described it to a friend as ” the perfect strain for days when you don’t have meetings/calls and want to be productive.” I love uninterrupted work time, but sometimes when I finally get it, I feel overwhelmed. These are the moments when I’d reach for Pink Lemonade because it soothes my anxiety while delivering mental clarity to focus and get stuff done. ⁠⠀
What cultivar helps you get stuff done? ⁠⠀
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