Strain Review: Piratez Exotix


Lineage/Genetics: Unknown

Original Breeder: Piratez Exotix

Piratez Exotix Strain Review

piratez exotix strain review by qsexoticreviews 210/10.

Pressure nun less from them as you should expect. Nice chunky purple/dark green buds with orange hairs here and there. Dense but not super hardball more of the perfect density you want your weed to be where it breaks down easy but not into sand more like little chunks that are perfect for a slow smoke.

Flavor is for-sure there super sweet candy accompanied by a creamy vanilla cake. The candy really shows it self more on the breakdown. Flavor on the smoke was more of a creamy cake with a little candy taste in the back.

Super strong for the high hitting straight in the head as you start to feel it more in the body but for me even after the blunt was gone the high intensified 🤯which was crazy. Gotta try them out if u haven’t yet. #piratezexotix #420 #710 #runtzgang #cookiesorbetter

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