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Strain Review: Pizookie by Plush Gardenz

PIZOOKIE Lineage/Genetics: (Cookies & Cream x Zookies) Original Breeder: Plush Gardenz Grower: Plush Gardenz Distributor: Georgetown Flavors

Pizookie Strain Review

By: @Plush_Gardenz Via: @georgetownflavors.rep @georgetownflavors.lookbookco Pizookie by Plush Gardenz comes highly recommended from our friends at GTF. I’ve had mixed feelings about C&C strains, but a cross with Zookies, an underrated favorite of mine, couldn’t be resisted and honestly the results are fantastic. Nothing better than being greeted by one beautiful, beefy nug making up the majority of the 3.5. Appearing quite dense, Pizookie’s knobby structure actually has some airiness and give to it. Pizookie possesses a fern green and deep iris purples exterior with colors stacking up on one another like a layer cake, while ginger pistils run like golden seams across the surface. Fresh out of its packaging, Pizookie’s nose doesn’t overwhelm, but break the bud apart and the senses are met with an aroma akin to some of your classic Cookie strains. More musky than sharp, the strain’s flour-y aroma is distinctly skunky and buttery with a dash of cinnamon or nutmeg and a cool woody menthol. Light Pizookie up and the same pastry flavor prevails. The inhale is dominated by a molasses-like brown sugar and peppery oatmeal cookie like palate, finished with an exhale reminiscent earthy frosted vanilla bean cupcake. Each hits also provides notes of mint, pine and light sour cream, and a touch of fuel throughout. Pizookie’s effects are reminiscent of my favorite cuts of Gorilla Glue/Zookies, which is a high bar to meet. After the first few inhales, pressure begins to build right around the third eye/center forehead. resulting in a gripping, “face melt” physical feel. “Melty” is the perfect adjective to describe this loose, flowy body high, complimented by a mildly head lifting and creative but unfocused boost. Over the duration of this longer lasting high, the intensity I describe does mellow out, leaving users in an empty-minded state of feel-good bliss. #Budfinder PIZOOKIE (New Batch) Cookies & Cream x Zookies By: @Plush_Gardenz Via: @georgetownflavors.rep @georgetownflavors.lookbookco Thoroughly impressed by Plush Gardenz Pizookies, I had to come back for seconds when GTF posted a new batch. Rather than recite a similar review, I try and highlight the differences and improvements between the two. Visuals are a mix of pics and videos this time around. The 3.5 of this batch of Pizookies consisted of an assortment of smaller to medium sized, spade shaped buds. Each nug feels plump and rotund with a ‘stick to your finger’, springy and supple composition. Pizookies has a healthy looking, fern green surface with seams of pastel violet emerging across the exterior alongside eye popping, vibrant pistils. The highlight however has to be the gleaming white trichomes dusting the entirety of the flower. The biggest difference I found between batches was the nose. The first cut I had possessed more of a subtle, skunky cookie-dominant aroma. I’m happy to report this newer batch is even more dialed in, and the nose really pops this time around. The strains Zookies/Glue lineage really pops with its nose, with aromatic notes of sweet yet musky sourdough,woody vanilla spice, and earthy ground coffee. Flavor-wise, Plush Gardenz pairing of Cookies & Cream and Zookies continues to impress. The inhale has real ‘bakery’ vibe to it — malty, buttery and peppery – whereas the exhale takes a sharp turn down a gassy, earthy almost chemmy turn. This second batch definitely seems to lean a little heavier on the diesel, which to my palette, is a plus. New batch, but same great effects. I love the Pizookies high mainly for that middle forehead/headband like sense of pressure, paired with an uplifting, trance like effect. I previously described the Pizookies high as possessing a, loose, full bodied “melt” and I continue to experience those effects every time I smoke this strain. ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂ #dccannabis #dcweed #cannabisculture #marijuana #cannabiscures #strainfinder #strainreviews #puffpuffpass #whiteashonly #dopesmoke #topshelf #stoner #wakeandbake #whiteashgang #smokeweedeveryday #zookies #pizookie #plushgardenz
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Check out more reviews by @budfinderdc on Instagram! (www.instagram.com/budfinderdc)

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