Strain Review: Plumberry OG by Rio Vista Farms

New Review time! @riovistafarms #plumberryog peep below from the iPhone.
Plumberry OG – 18.38 %THC

Lineage/Genetics: Blueberry F4 x Purple Unicorn

Indica or Sativa: Indica dominant Hybrid

Original Breeder: Rio Vista Farms

Grower: Rio Vista Farms

Plumberry OG Strain Review

plumberry og by rio vista farms strain review by trunorcal 3Comments:

Nugs looked super nice in the shop and it was a good ticket price so had to move on it. Def a purple throwback type of vibe, feelin this one. Cross between Blueberry and Purple Unicorn.


1. Scent: Berries one hundo. Little bit of a damp nose as tho it is curing a little bit.

2. Appearance: Fab looking nugs of various sizes for an 8th. Lots of purple crossing over with burnt orange hairs. One lil spot looked weird but it wasn’t a bug or anything; Just a darker spot. Anyone else see these and could shed some light on em?

3. Nug Structure: Not popcorn but smaller guys that jump off the stem. Nice floral notes top left on the fingers when busting down.

plumberry og by rio vista farms strain review by trunorcal 24. Smoke: Lighter side of smoke density on the inhale and exhale. Goes pretty quick too as the buds burn.

5. Taste: Nice little berry and purple notes. Little bit of citrus zest maybe on the dry pull.

6. Reaction: Slower onset of heavy eyes and hazy thoughts. Bout 20 mins deep into it now and I’m enjoying the pleasant “noise” reduction of the surroundings. Weird but I maintain focus pretty well off it. Good ticket price and nice vibes. A welcomed addition for vets and novices to cannabis culture.

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Check out more reviews by @trunorcal420 on Instagram! (

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