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Strain Review: Rawtton from District Florist

RAWTTON Via: @districtflorist Lineage/Genetics: Chem D x Mandarin Sunset Original Breeder: Ethos Genetics Grower: I71 CANNAGAS Distributor: District Florist

Rawtton Strain Review

Back with another fantastic, unique strain via the team at @districtflorist who has gone 3 for 3 in my book with their quality flower selection, with a few more strains to come. Rawtton is not your typical high end, often dessert-centric strain. Instead, this strain is all substance, with little ‘flash’. Appearance wise, what really drew the eye was it’s, resinous exterior and trichome structure, giving the strain a greasy look. Moss and army green is the predominant color through these buds, supplemented by Thin, wispy, long and plentiful pistils erupting from every crevice. Upon opening a jar containing this strain, the senses are overwhelmed by a powerful and pungent, musky raisin like aroma. Many find the strain to smell like ‘rotten fruit’ (hence the strains name), I found it to be more of a pruney dried fruit, if it matters. I found the flavor to lean much closer to a classic skunky, earthy hash flavor with that same subtlety sweet raisin palate. A blend of tea-like spices also drifts in and out of hits – I picked up on some citrus, clove and other spices. I’m happy to report clean, white ash on the burn to top it off. I’m loving Rawtton’s high. Very head dominant, I felt pressure between the eyes and a heaviness bouncing around the head. A certified mood-improver, this strain will lift you up and provide a euphoric boost. Do not confuse uplifting with energetic necessarily, Rawttons effects seemingly drains the rest of the body of its will to move. I felt my limbs to almost have a glazed over feel. #Budfinder • • • • #dcbud #dc420 #420 #dcweed #mdweed #stoner #marijuana #dccannabisculture #strainfinder #thc #dccannabis #dcdabbers #puffpuffpass #dopesmoke #dmv420 #topshelf #stoner #whiteashonly #cleanmeds #i71 #districtflorist #rawtton
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Check out more reviews by @budfinderdc on Instagram! (www.instagram.com/budfinderdc)

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Check out more reviews by @budfinderdc on Instagram! (www.instagram.com/budfinderdc)

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