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Strain Review: Snow Cone x Funnel Cake by The Gas Lady

Snow Cone ❎ Funnel Cake . 🔌@thegaslady -black/woman owned(@amusenow ambassador) Lineage/Genetics: Snow Cone x Funnel Cake Original Breeder: Unknown Grower: The Gas Lady Terpene Profile: Unknown

Snow Cone x Funnel Cake Strain Review

. Snowcone’s lineage derives from Snowcap #4 Funnel Cake is Platinum GSC ❎ Greasemonkey . 🥮Aroma (vanilla, cake, citrus, fuel, pine skunk, earth) on the nose a unqiue note of deep, warm and sightly oversaturated vanilla and hint of dough permeates through the layers. (reminiscent of your odor after making or eating funnel cakes all day) followed by tangy sour citrus and fuel notes that remind me of sunset/sherbert strains.As you break down the aromas pungent, skunky, musky, with deep burried pine (like pinesol) notes layered with faint light cakey notes. . 🍧Appearance Sticky, thin short red orange pistils show just. The flower is deep purple with lime green hues that bleed into the purple leaves like melting flavors on a snowcone. Crystal trichomes pop like the cinnamon and sugar shining from a funnel cake funnel cake. The nugs are large, dense with a slight cone shape. As you get closer to the stem the different hues get more vivid. . 🥮Flavor (cake, spice, fuel, earth, dank, clean) The first few puffs smooth provide a thick heavy smoke with a cake, fuel, spice flavor then sweet earthy and dank on the exhale very smooth with a clean water like after taste . 🍧Effects (Indica, uplifting, long lasting) At first I felt some calming effects before feeling uplifted and euphoric and that turned into some couchlocking body effects, you’ll quickly find yourself stuck in one position like a pose while all of this is happening. Find somewhere comfortable to be because this is long chill body high. I first felt a tingling in your feet rise up and spread throughout your body, when it reached my head and chest I began to feel a euphoric and uplifting rush that may cause you to be a blissfully aloof and forgetful like losing the remote or lighter constantly and failing to keep a train of thought. Expect to lose track of time and fall to sleep inducing habits like laying back and stretching out. A great indica experience great for night time use or any time you need break but make sure you have nothing important to do its one of them ones”dabbers beware” @theviewfrommyside . @mickjenkins 🔈
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