Strain Review: Cereal Milk by The Gas Lady

Cereal Milk 🥣🥛

Lineage/Genetics: Thin MintsStrawberry Lemonade

Original Breeder: Limited Trees Genetics

Grower: The Gas Lady

The Gas Lady Cereal Milk Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Potent, mouthwatering layered aroma with deep herbal notes. Sweet and sour notes with citrus hints sit on top of an earthy base. Fruity creamy scent kind of holds it all together with deep pinesol fuel hints on the backend
Sweet herbal flavor with a sweet and sour dankness and a spiced backend. Smooth potent smoke sure to bring on some cotton mouth

Dense, sticky, nugs that have a mix of purple and green hues with blueish tint. Bold, short, hairy clusters of amber pistils draw your eyes in. Grapey indigo leaves with an olive tinge create a nice contrast. off white trichomes are heavily caked on. As you break open the cola the greens turn nearly white some streaks of violet.
Potent fast acting strong heady effects that left me feeling relaxed and little aloof but also motivated creative and ready to engage. The heady buzz seeped behind my eyes and relaxed my muscles while uplifting my mood. By the end of the blunt I was stress free and ready to enjoy my high. Strong lasting effects great for anytime smoke for uplifting your mood, managing stress and your appetite.
Overall 8.5/10



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