Strain Review: Baby Yoda by Growndank

Baby Yoda ✨🌌🐸🚼

Lineage/Genetics: Khalifa KushThe Menthol

Original Breeder: Compound Genetics

Grower: Growndank

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Baby Yoda Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

🌌Sweet undertones compliment the invigorating menthol and deep kush notes, there’s a sweet slightly citrusy pine(sol) fuel scent that acts as a silver lining between the sweet and sharp layers. The aroma is mouthwatering and long lasting it reminds me of a pine tree when you rub together a handful of them, it has a juicy piney smell almost like a gum. dank, skunky af as you break down (used to use pine trees as air freshner in dire situations lmao to get rid of the weed smell)
AROMA 9/10
🚼Big cone shaped colas with spherical
bracts, the leaves are kushy and not to tightly packed together, I can see the spherical shape of each. Long hairy burnt orange pistils seem to sprout from each one and even the spaces inbetween. Shining granular trichomes add a soft beige tint with a rose undertone while dancing on the flower like stars in clouds. Theres a wide blend of green and violet hues displayed through the leaves. On the outer leaves and tips there’s a dark soft violet hue thats covered by the beige rose trichomes. Forest and emerald greens coagulate with the violet and orange, as I break down the flower I can see bright green hues and hints of yellows streaks of a vivid raspberry color i reach the stem.
Appearance 10/10
🐸Sweet herbs with light menthol, light pine, muted ,faint clean soapy after taste on your tongue. Long lasting and potent, the smoke was very smooth and thick.
Flavor 9/10
✈️Super stony feeling from head to toe. Like Baby Yoda, I found myself struggling to keep my attention on one thing although there was a method to the madness.I first felt a cool wave slowly infiltrate my mind making me feel a little loopy, social ambition increased although I may not have been operating at 100% Icallowed the the force to flow through me and take me where i needed to be aka the kitchen then my bed😂. Your words kind of get away from you like my mind was doing mental gymnastics subliminally. “like yoda, the mind speaks , no?” . 😂 I also got a full body high along with the stoney loopy first i felt a nice uplifting feeling in my body that made me feel like i was on a refreshing soothing cloud, My joints were loose and muscles relaxed, the energy from the “force” Was diminishing as i no longer wanted to leave my spot and do anything. The high is fast acting and long lasting like the flavors and Aroma. A great anytime high but maybe best for when you have free time to actually enjoy the feeling. The high was so good you don’t want to waste it at work.
Experience 10/10

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