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Strain Review: Wedding Gushers by Kings Garden

@kingsgarden.ca Wedding Gushers #weddinggushers #weedreview Lineage/Genetics: Gelato #41 x Triangle Kush Sativa or Indica: 60/40 Indica dominant hybrid Original Breeder: Unknown Grower: Kings Garden

Wedding Gushers Strain Review

immediate impressions:
  1. dense
  2. Harsh hit, comment that it needs orange peel. Instant to the head, coughing. So far one hit only. Ha.
  3. Bought at perfect union – says 28.4 THC on website
  4. 2nd day, best tasting bud of the run so far. Taste purple and fruit along with slight spice. When it comes down to checking out herb, this brand def hit the mark. The small rehydration with an orange peel was the difference maker yesterday as the @49ers lost to @chiefs and it dulled the pain. Lol. If you are looking for a nice mid to high range THC content herb, this stuff kicks. Fast head change, lingers around for about an hour. Great for body pain and tastes like slightly sweet berries.
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Check out more reviews by @trunorcal420 on Instagram! (www.instagram.com/trunorcal420)

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