Vape Review: Indica Disposable by aphria

LHS aphria – Disposable Vape-Indica

Lineage/Genetics: Unknown

Processor: aphria

Dispensary: Liberty Health Sciences

aphria Indica Disposable Review

Thc: 87.7% Cbd: 0.6%

Recommended time of use: late afternoon/night time, just make sure the rest of your day is free of any responsibilities as you will not want to do anything and just chill and enjoy the momment.

Head: it slowly creeped up on me, and before I knew it I had the “holy sh$t I’m high as a kite realization” it will completely take away your stress and anxiety, as I had a heavy day at work and it completely relaxed my mind.

Body: this is a strong body sedative, as I have been extremely tense lately and stressed with my daily tasks which I end up bringing home. And time after time, this tiny disposable pen does not fail me. Its always got my back with a quick pull, which brings almost instant relief.

Creativity/talkative: This strains keeps these two things to a minimum, as this is a night time strains. therefor your mind will relax, and you will leet go of everything, not really trying to create new things.

Hunger: This strain will give you the munchies very shortly after medicating, so I would suggest eating before medicating, and still having yourself a little snack by your side just incase you are like me and eat A LOT. .
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