Cultivar Review: Dylan’s Pineapple by Fu’s Flowers x The Baked Bodega

#dylanspineapple by @fus_flowers x @_thebakedbodega

Lineage/Genetics – Pineapple OZK x MoonBow 75

Original Breeder – Fu’s Flowers

Grower: Fu’s Flowers

Dispensary: The Baked Bodega

Letmeseewhatusmokin Dylan’s Pineapple Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Pheno 1 & 2 –

This a recap review of the phenos 1 & 2 of Dylan’s pineapple 🍍- cultivated by @fus_flowers powered by @_thebakedbodega . Dylan’s pineapple is a tribute to @_thebakedbodega ‘s little bro. Dylan’s pineapples is the combination of Pineapple OZK x MoonBow 75.. Ozk derives from Og Kush x Zkittles, MoonBow comes from Dosidos x Zkittles.

Pheno 1

Pheno 1 has the appeal, tasty z but more on the pineapple ozk. I felt pheno 1 was way pungent in palate. The scent was not too strong woody, fruity, floral aroma. The effects were medium low cerebral, heady high for about 30 mins, overall high for like an 1 hr. The ashes burned 60/40 more salt than pepper with an oil resin ring on the cherry top. The inhale is sweet but more pungent and Kush like on the exhale 😮‍💨. Pheno 1 – 3/5

Pheno 2

Pheno 2 has the immaculate z palate splurge with limonene and light caryophyllene spice. It was smoother than pheno 1 on the inhale/ exhale 😮‍💨. The ashes burned 70/30 more salt than pepper, still get the resin ring for decoration. The scent was a bit similar to to pheno 1 but sweeter on the savor. The effects were on another level, compare to pheno 1. The medium level cerebral effects slipped into a body high after the sesh. The buzz started around 6-7 pulls in. The high can last 2-3 hours. I felt pheno 2 is the keeper based on the effects and taste. 4.5/5

Overall they both worth the try since we all can have a different experience. In conclusion, Dylan’s pineapple is a fruity gas combination, pheno 1 more beauty on the appeal, more gas on the palate. Pheno 2 stronger high and sweeter on the palate ..

Thanks to @fus_flowers for being creative on this creation and shoutout to @_thebakedbodega for the opportunity to review these special flowers ..

Rest in paradise- SGT Dylan F. Peña
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Robbreefa Dylan’s Pineapple Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Dylan’s pineapples pheno#2 (pinapple ozk x moonbow)by @_thebakedbodega grown by @fus_flowers

Reefa rating :
Smell- ✅

Smell- slight floral, very sweet almost like Spolied fruit. Undertone of fueling musk. It reminded me of how those dole cans of pineapple fruit in the juice smells after it’s been empty for a day or two.

Look- bright greens. Slight brown hairs. Trichomes that bling under the light

Smoke- Enjoyable. Inhale smooth, exhale
was smooth full of smoke not too overwhelming, had me coughing a bit but nothing harsh.

Taste- sweet fruit ish with hints of candy and undertones of a mild gassyness

High- Valid. Puts you in a giggly and relaxing mood

Memorable- for sure! From the environment I had it in to the effects I felt, all were great experience. Potency was one to be remembered.

Be on the look out for the full review with @letmeseewhatusmokin on the @reefaradio_ YouTube‼️

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