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Cultivar Review: Garlic Cookies x Purple Taipan by The Kolektors x NYC Bud Busters

Garlic cookies x Purple taipan Lineage/Genetics: Garlic Cookies x Purple Taipan (Grape pie x black mamba) Bred/Grown by: The Kolektors x NYC Bud Busters @thekolektors @thekolektor @kolektors_why_oze x @thenycbudbusters___ @the_nycbudbusters Terpene Profile: Unknown

Robbreefa Garlic Cookies x Purple Taipan Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Reefa rating : Smell- ✅ Look-✅ Smoke-✅ Taste-✅ High-✅ Memorable-❎ Shoutout @letmeseewhatusmokin for getting this to me The @thekolektors have been at the forefront of the nyc craft cannabis scene, putting on for nyc and nys growers! They did something different by including their consumers in their pheno hunt process. I think this is dope. Because who better to tell you what to keep and what not to keep then your customer lol. That being said this one checked off just about all the boxes! Smell- Deep herbal, floral, woodsy aroma Look- meticulously trimmed, orange pistils a shade or two lighter then the orange in kolectors logo. Smoke- Enjoyable. Inhale smooth, exhale was smooth but towards the end the exhale got harsher. Taste- sweet woodsy floral taste off the inhale. Slight woodsy spice on exhale. High- Valid. Great for meditation or even creative moments. This will deff have your eyes low and head high lol Memorable- this is worth the try and when they find the right pheno this may be something deff not to look past. Regarding pheno #14 tho, I just didn’t feel like this was one of those that would keep you thinking about it. Like it was cool, but didn’t feel like it was unforgettable. #robbreefa #reefaradio #kolecktors #nycbudbusters #gmo #purpletaipan #strainreviews #explorerpage #explorer

Letmeseewhatusmokin GMO x Purple Taipan Review

GMO x Purple Taipan #3 by @thekolektor x @kolektors_why_oze x @the_nycbudbusters x @thekolektors Lineage – GMO( GSC x ChemDog D ) x Purple Taipan( Grape Pie x Black Mamba) The GMO x Purple Taipan is a genetic creation by the critically acclaimed NY BX’s own @thekolektors . I’ve been curious to find out on this GMO x Purple Taipan #3 combination’s effects and I will say it doest disappoint at all. The effects are intense for the first hour , heavy level cerebral high. It then fades off and blends to a medium level body high. It’s one of those high moments that you think will fade off quick and then come back to attack. The eighth came with medium and small size nugs. The nugs had asparagus color buds, splashed with almond milk color trichomes,sharp cheddar color pistils. The scent derives from a floral, earthy, sweet fruity, zesty garlic/ onion like aroma. The palate is a blend of caryophyllene spice fuel of Chemdawg infused, garlic zest gmo, sweet lychee sour grape after taste . The buzz started around the 6-7 pulls in, total overall 2hr high. The smoking experience led to a flawless memorable time. The ashes burned 70/30 more salt than pepper. The inhale is smooth musky garlic blend with grape, ultimate chest locker. I experienced a cleaner smoke on the Raw organic black 5/5 on the elements it was a bit more harsh and burning dirty than the RAW 3.5/5. Overall GMO x Purple Taipan pheno 3 has the taste, the aroma, the effects and the appeal. It’s one of my 🔝 from the Kolektors’s lineup. I highly recommend smoking back to back but wait till the first one simmer to feel the full effect of this exclusive NY cultivar. Shoutout to @thekolektors for delivery once again a unique flower and possibly the start of crossing this with other cultivars. The future of the Kolektors seems vivid in bringing new terps and flavors born and bred on the east coast. 4.8/5 . . . . #weedreview #notforsale #cannabiscommunity #cannabisculture #highsociety #stonerlifestyle #stonersociety #weedsmokers #smokingweed #cannabislove #cannabisconnoisseurscoalition #cannabislifestyle #cannabisconnoisseurconnection #420culture #cannabisgrow #cannabiscures
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