Cultivar Review: Guru #10 by verano

In the left corner we have Guru #10 a cross of Forbidden Fruit(Cherry Pie*Tangie)and Petrol OG(Sour Diesel*Petrolia Headstash*Tahoe OG) originally bred by @swampboysseeds

Lineage/Genetics: Forbidden Fruit x Petrol OG

Original Breeder: Swamp Boys Seeds

Grower: verano

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Guru #10 Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

guru #10 by verano strain review by theweedadvocateBag Appeal

Guru- 4 cola 8th of bright colors ranging from sage to periwinkle greens and light pink to magenta purps. Cure is dry but not dusty with bright tangerine pistils popping among sandy triches. 21/25

GC- 8 dry mini arrowhead shaped buds. Thick amount of beaten down egg wash colored trichs and rusty pistils that blend in seamlessly. Deep forest greens and dark violets very similar to ICC. 19/25


Guru- Pink grapefruit, tang powder, and grape right out the jar. The immense aroma breaks down to a mix of fruit punch and candy gas. 23/25


Guru- Tangie, cherry 7up, pink lemonade up front that hits with a touch of gas at the end. Dry pull of lemon cherry that burns down with mostly white ash and immediate heavy resin ring. 23/25


Guru- Good headdy high hits after a few puffs. The Petrol OG comes thru in the high with a buzz that flows nicely morning to afternoon. If you liked their Forbidden Fruit this is comparable with much better effects. 21/25

Guru 10- 88 points


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