Cultivar Review: Khalifa Kush by Boring Glory

Today I’m doing a review of Oregon’s rendition of Khalifa Kush which is grown locally by Boring Glory 🕵️ For those that don’t know, Khalifa Kush is a proprietary cultivar created for/by the well known rapper Wiz Khalifa. In addition to exclusive genetics and premium packaging, Khalifa Kush has a unique retail experience that I’d like to talk about before getting into the review.

I went to Kaleafa in Oregon City to pick up the KK and was surprised to find that the jars were not prepackaged. My budtender weighed the 8th out in front of me and packaged it into the branded Khalifa Kush jar. I was also given a branded Khalifa Kush bag to carry the product home in. It was a pleasant experience and it was nice to take the flower home in a glass jar instead of a plastic pop top. Now onto the review 🕵️

Lineage/Genetics: Proprietary Genetics

Grower: Boring Glory

Dispensary: Kaleafa Co Oregon City

Khalifa Kush Review

This Khalifa Kush grown by Boring Glory had a strong peppery citrus kush aroma when I opened the jar. The buds were dense with good give, frosty, and tightly trimmed. When I broke up the nugs I got a very strong classic citrus kush nose 🍋

The flavor was strong pepper gas and citrus with notes of pine in my vape ⛽🍋🌲 I found it to be nice and robust with good complexity 😋 The vapor was thick while still being smooth and lasted an average amount of time 👍🏼

The high was uplifting and clearheaded with a pleasant headband effect and some good relaxation for my body. The effects were strong and two bowls in my vaporizer had me good and medicated ☺️

Overall I enjoyed this Khalifa Kush grown in Oregon by Boring Glory. The aroma and flavor were good, the vapor was smooth and thick, and the effects were potent. I also just generally like the packaging and retail experience, although the branded bag might be a bit over the top 😅 Have you tried Khalifa Kush? I’m curious what other people thought about it so feel free to leave your experience in the comments 🕵️

Harvested 3/28/22

Tested 5/10/22 Pree labs

Kaleafa Oregon City

This review was sponsored by Boring Glory

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