Cultivar Review: Wedding Cake by El Guapo Dank Dabs

Wedding Cake – @el_guapo_dankdabs

Nose: Fruity, citrus, earthy, sour, musty, creamy, berries, tangy
Inhale: Fruity, earthy, diesel, floral, citrus, sweet, tangy
Exhale: Musty, sour, sweet, citrus, berry, cakey

Lineage/Genetics 🧬: Triangle Kush x Animal Mints

Bred by: Seed Junky Genetics @beezyblends

Cultivated by: El Guapo Dank Dabs

Terpene Profile: Unknown

El Guapo Dank Dabs Wedding Cake Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Hey what’s up everyone? Happy Sunday and Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms in the world out there. No ones getting married today that I personally know of but I have some Wedding Cake from El Guapo Dank Dabs (aka Dank Dabs Pat) for review. Most of you are well aware that I have built a pretty solid relationship with the Dank crew over the past several months as well as had the chance to showcase some of their past harvests on reviews. When Pat hit me up a few weeks back eager to get the Wedding Cake he has recently harvested up for review I didn’t see any reason not to on my end. If I’m not mistaken, this is the first time reviewing this particular cultivar although I am far from a stranger with this one. Since blowing up over the last 3-4 years, I have had tried Wedding Cake on numerous occasions with the outcome usually being a positive one. One highlight of this cultivar is that it won Leafly’s Strain of the Year in 2019. When done properly, it is known to have a very citrus, tangy taste with creamy sour explosions throughout the duration of smoke. Let’s waste no more time and get into the facts!

Upon receiving the Wedding Cake, it was gifted to me in a small glass jar with plastic black twist off cap. It was slapped with a Dank Dabs decal but, besides this,there is not much to mention about the packaging on this one. When I removed the lid from the glass jar, heavy aromas of citrus berries and tangy fruitiness filled the air up quickly. This had a Juicy Fruit nose which, after a couple days, developed into a creamy berry funk jumping out of the jar. The nose on this offering was nothing short of savory really gave a strong indication to the terp profile this possessed. A mix of medium to larger sized nugs made up each eighth received.

The buds were on the airy and larfier side but some nugs had a more sticky, dense texture than others. Consisting of a bright green complexion with a blinding trichrome coverage, this batch of Wedding Cake definitely captured my eye after being pulled out of the jar. Within the mix I also caught some darker green and violet leaves mixed in with those brighter hues. The closer I held this one to my nose I honed in on those undertones of pineapples, strawberries and mango giving off a sour spicy citrus smell at this moment. Although most of the buds were a little too airy for my liking this still ended up with a pretty decent yield upon breaking up. Once broken down, the aromas the Wedding Cake put out were a lot sweeter and subtle than in its nug form. Taking a dry pull from the joint gave off a sharp and tangy pineapple watermelon taste which was every bit fruity as it was powerful.

When I sparked the Wedding Cake up in an Organic RAW, the initial inhales were extremely soft and smooth coming in with a mix of both fruity and earthy tones. I couldn’t pick up on anything in particular within the first ten pulls but a sweet and sour berry taste. On the way out, musty notes captured my attention which were matched with the same sweet citrus terps experienced during some inhales. Once I got about a quarter of the way into the sesh, I started to pick up on sharper notes of fruit. Particularly, this was the same pineapple taste received in the dry pull but with a complimentary dose of assorted berries and creamy. On the way out, I felt what almost tasted like strawberry jam and toast reminiscent left on my breath. At times, I dialed in on faint, but potent, diesel terps that emitted a nail Polish like taste throughout some exhales. All in all, the pulls took in from this cultivar were smooth from start to finish not really creating too much pressure nor an absurd amount of gassiness. Deep into the sesh, I came across more floral and citrus flavor than I had earlier on concocting well with those diesel terps. The burn on this was outstanding, however, this did burn to a fairly darker ash and some pulls were noticeably harsher compared to others. Nonetheless, a pretty thick terp ring was formed circling around the joint. Rounding out the sesh, I didn’t notice too much change in flavor. The taste of creamy berries over a bread-like flavor closed out a moderately flavorful smoke.

The onset of medicinal effects that the Wedding Cake offered was a slight head buzz with a fully engulfed body high. First thing I started to noticed was that my eyes started to dry up immensely which included a heavy, red and teary feeling within them. Even though I fought to keep them open I didn’t feel too dragged out nor noticed a loss in perception.

On the contrary to this, my joints and muscles did experience a mild case of euphoria creating an uplifted spirit within my mind and body. Although I once was under the impression that the head rush I experienced earlier was starting to fade, it somewhat started to resurrect about a half hour to 45 minutes later. Although I ultimately felt poised and relaxed, I felt a sharp focus from the cerebral effects this cultivar displayed. One gripe I did have in regards to the effects is that they didn’t really last all too long. The total duration of the high was only a little more than an hour or so which really left me with the urge to light up again afterwards. Also, given the withstand-able effects this cultivar put out made the Wedding cake a doable smoke at essentially any part of the day for me. I can’t say that the overall effects weren’t enjoyable, however, they just didn’t stick around long enough to suit my liking.

After I had a chance to try the Wedding Cake grown by Dank Dabs Pat I definitely feel like this one will only get better with time. I thought there were many positive characteristics displayed, first, by the nose of the bud down to its tasty terp profile as well as certain desired traits concerning the medicinal effects. I believe this particular offering of this cultivar could be enjoyed by smokers who are amongst various levels of experience. Especially those who favor a multitude of sweet and tangy terps that are active throughout the entirety of the sesh than this will be a treat for you. Despite the lack of longevity I experienced within the medicinal effects I still think the high surrounding this cultivar had its benefits. If you are one of those seeking pain relief, a spark in creativity, or just in need of a pick me up than this will definitely do the trick for you. I want to thank Pat and the Dank Dab crew for always making sure some fire in my hands for review. It will be interesting to see what’s next to come from their garden.

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