Mini Flower Review: Sativa Blend by Humboldt Farms

This is a Sativa Blend of mini flowers by Humboldt Farms.

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Lineage/Genetics: mix

Indica or Sativa: Sativa

Grower: Humboldt Farms

Dispensary: DELI by Caliva

Humboldt Farms Sativa Blend Review

16.1% #thc

👽Cerbral , head-strong high. Fast acting and hits hard like a 20+ percenter.
🔥nice blend of green and emerald nugs with lots of #trichomes(I see at least 2 different strains).Has a very light and piney flavor profile that matches the scent .
💯Slightly on the drier side when breaking down but the upside is that the jar is usually packed tightly and feels a little more that an 8th( maybe a .5 difference).
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