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Strain Review: Apple Fritter by Lumpy’s Flowers

Apple Fritter Bred and Cultivated by @lumpstatus @lumpysflowers Lineage/Genetics: Sour Apple x Animal Cookies Original Breeder: Lumpy’s Flowers Grower: Lumpy’s Flowers

Lumpy’s Apple Fritter Strain Review

apple fritter by lumpy's flowers strain review by cannasaurus_rex_reviews 2Man was I super excited to get my hands on this right here, the Original Apple Fritter by the creators themselves, if you didn’t know @lumpysflowers is a grandfathered brand that had established themselves to put out some tasty quality meds, they have a few signature strains that will not disappoint even the most pickiest of tokers, One day that came crashing down for lumpys and they were raided and shut down, against all odds they clawed their way back with this first drop of many and it is my honor to be able to enjoy what is to come. Looks – The jar consists of stunning nugs that contain a mine field of orange hairs giving the nugs a beautiful pop that lead into rich emerald greens and deep plumb purples slightly masked by a sea of creamy caramel thrichomes, the buds range medium to large and are extremly dense just calling my name and telling me to smoke them. Smell – At first sniff out the jar I recieve a crisp sweet apple cider like smell, as I smell deeper the apple becomes more muted and shifts to a very organic earthy tone, I crack a nug open and a wonderous musk of a sweet sugary pastry fill my nose with great delight and wonder. Enough gabbing lets roll one up for this special review. Taste – On the dry pull a sweet berry apple, fills my mouth like a sweet candy, I spark it up and on the inhale get flavors of a sweet apple at the beggining, a 1/4 of the way down it turned towards a hashy earth due to how resinous the flower is Nd was expansive once hitting the lungs, I tested a moose labs, mouth piece on it and that seems to lessen the cough fit that may ensue, on the exhale it was alot sweeter at the beggining but by the time it got about half way that resin built up and it had earthiness flavor not terrible but would reccomend out of a bowl or bong as the rich trichs make for a better experience in flavor as the sweet and creaminess of the strain really holds up out of glass. Effects – Around a quarter of the way of the joint I could feel the buzz begin to build in my head, as time goes by I am extremley talkative yet feel relaxed and as light as a feather when i stand ,out of a bong or bowl I could feel the stone building after 1 go around. My mind is clear yet I feel completly toasted from the joint, as I finished the last note my mind shifts to the left and in another place, thoughts became hard to come by, I stay on track but cant quite grasp what i am trying to think, if that makes sense. I slowly attempt to explain and stumble my way back to my whole point. I give this cut from the original breeders of this very strain a 5 + rating these flowers are beautiful, just stunning looking and are packed with amazing flavor, the stone will hit on heavy and will only creep up and throw you for a loop if your not careful, a definite spacey vibe as time goes by,perfect for night time tokes,great job to @lumpstatus @lumpysflowers for coming back strong as fuck and putting me in a straight daze, also thank you for blessing everyone with this killer strain, a definite headstash smoke.

Unknown Grower Apple Fritter Strain Review

apple fritter by lumpy's flowers strain by cannasaurus_rex_reviews 2By unknown grower Gifted by @son_of_washington Thank you to @son_of_washington For holding it down on this one here, now lets get down to it. Appearance – I pulled aside a fat big kahuna bud and put it under the lightbox, the first thing I noticed was the beautuful blend of orange,blonde and red pistils that laid flat amongst the dark forest green and lime green tones that encompassed the flower. The trichs were present but seemed to camouflage amongst the tones, as I cracked the bud open the tone was a little bit of a brighter green and the trichomes became more prevalent. Smell – Out of the bag I recieved a sweetness at first almost like a orchard of apple trees or a jug of freshly pressed apple cider, that scent than marries together nicely with a earthy sugary pine. Upon the grind the sweet apple overpowers at first but shifts more towards a earthiness with a slight hint of gas on the back end. Taste – On the dry pull of the blunt my mouth was first met with a sweet natural fruit flavor, very similar to biting a red apple and having the apple and skin taste fill your mouth with a wholsome delicousness that clings to your entire palette and lingers, on the back end a nice earthy pine that complimented the toke very nicely, the smoke was very thick and a tad on the heavy side. Upon the exhale it was a very light smoke almost like air with a hint earthiness one the back end, absolutely A-1. Effects – Instantly as I blew my third pull a buzz began to build in my head, not racy but just a clear zing. As I indulged in this strain further my body began to become extremly stuck around half way down the Blunt, a very strong euphoric and cerebral stone began to overtake me in entirety, I found myself distracted staring into the page thinking about what to write but just staring into the paper like I was a egg sizzling on a frying pan. Extreme cottonmouth has set in and the best way I can describe it is I am floating somewhere between space and time in my body and my mind is blasting through a time warp, 5 + stars on this cut, it has been brought to my attention that this cut did not come from @hollowtipsca @hollowtipscalifornia @hollowtips__california and aplogize for my misrepresentation. This bud was fire nonetheless. New comers to this strain stay far away or take it extremely light, connoisseurs will enjoy the flavor and be left in a coma by the end.
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Check out more reviews by @cannasaurus_rex_reviews on Instagram! (

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