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Strain Review: Black Cherry Gelato by The Backpack Boyz

Black Cherry Gelato🍒🍨 Lineage/Genetics: Black Cherry Funk x Acai Gelato Original Breeder: Unknown Grower: 5 Points LA x Backpack Boyz

Black Cherry Gelato Strain Review

. @backpackboyz420__41510 @5pointshooter @gas.tank.exotics . 🖤The pungent, mouthwatering and invigorating aroma closely matches it’s flavors. Immediately your nose is filled with a suffocating creamy, black licorice, earthy, cherry scent. . 🍒Strong flavors of creamy cherries and blueberries with heavy black licorice notes. Within the layers of flavors you can taste a potent blend of earth and pine and hints of chocolate and lavendar that give a uniquely fresh and kushy kick to the pungent puffs. . 🍨These nugs are very high quality. The trichomes are super sticky and shining like lights on a disco ball. The colors are vibrant and bold, you can see hues of purple blend in contrast with lush vibrant greens and bright orange pistils. . 💯This was an amazing high, hard hitting and fast acting i mustve picked this up about 5 more times before posting this review, the aroma and flavors are nearly enough to keep you coming back. Off the first puff you get a heavy and relaxing yet uplifting punch of euphoria seemingly hit all of your senses at once, immediately your body has a high sensitivity to gravity as your joints loosen up. The pressure is reminiscent of your favorite big heavy blanket to sleep under just before bed. Youll find yourself a bit delirious and silly as the indica effects really begin to set in. At that point youll either munch your self to sleep or pass out tryna smoke another. A great night time smoke that helps with insomnia, fatigue, depression, stress, minor pains and aches.
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