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Strain Review: Black Out Gumbo (G.O.B.) by Big Smokey Farms

Black Out Gumbo (B.O.G.) 🍲🖤 Lineage/Genetics: (Blackout OGGumbo) Original Breeder: Big Smokey Farms Grower: Big Smokey Farms

Black Out Gumbo Strain Review

. @loudpacksjay @bigsmokeyfarmss @bighurtjj . 🍲The aroma is very unique and pungent with an invigorating musky, spice and sweet, soapy, fruity bubblegum, octane with deep tones of savory herbs. . 🔥The flavor is fuel forward with an earthy herbal, peppery, spice taste blended with consistent soapy, berry bubblegum tones. Super smooth and consistent flavors with each hit. . 💯The high for this is great, the potent hits strike straight to your brain helping you find some intense relaxation and anxiety relief. You’ll also feel a body numbing buzz throughout your body, I first felt it in my feet before it took over my body. A long lasting stoney balanced high. . 🔥The nugs are thick and dense with deep purple buds and a super frosty coat of trichomes. The flower seems to get more purple in color and releaese stronger aromas as you break it down.
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