Strain Review: Blueberry Cruffin by Cannatique

Blueberry Cruffin
Gifted by @Aetosdiosvip
By @cannatique @cannatique510 @backpackboyz_no41510

Lineage/Genetics: Blue Cookies x Platinum x DJ Short Blueberry

Original Breeder: Cannatique

Grower: 5 Points LA

Blueberry Cruffin Strain Review

Appearance – Upon opening the bag I was filled with joy like a kid on Christmas, beautiful tight dense perfectly structured nugs, with plum purple accents flowing through the plant, the purple faded in and out of a blueish gray. The entire bud was engulfed in a frosty layer of trichs that gave off a diamond like shimmer, there was stunning orange hairs hugging tightly with a slight blonde tint mixed with light earth greens that make up the rest of the exquisite cannabis specimen.

Smell – At first smell I recieved a whiff of blueberries and a slight sugary pastry crust scent, upon taking a bud out of the bag it than developed into a earthy musty smell, upon the grind this strain smelled like a sweet fruit candy that tappered off into a earthy musty scent.

Taste – As I inhaled I was met with a sugary berry flavor that tantilized my senses,the exhale tasted like a smooth sweet earthy delight, the kind of flavor that makes your eyes roll into the back of your head with pure satisfaction.

Effects – After my first rip I could feel myself relax and the words practicly wrote themselves into my notebook, second hit I could feel my mind beggining to melt like a freshly pressed dab dripping off the hot plates,the buzz was slowly creeping through my entire body slowly slipping me into a catatonic state, after the 3rd snap i felt a warm fuzzy feeling run through my body and I’m glued to the seat and I feel pure bliss.

There is not a bad thing I can say about this strain, it has left me in a complete stupper,deffinetly Indica heavy and reccomended for night time or if you don’t have shit to do. New smokers take small hits and be mindful of your consumption, all of you canna enthusiasts if you want to know what a lobotomy is like go pick yourself up some!

5+ stars to the fine folks over at @cannatique @backpackboyz_no41510
Keep the fire coming!!! And a big thanks to @aetosdiosvip
For gifting this amazing cut of this strain.


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Check out more reviews by @cannasaurus_rex_reviews on Instagram! (

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