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Strain Review: Chiesel from The Guild San Jose

Chiesel #chiesel 🧀⛽ Lineage/Genetics: Big Buddha Cheese x NYC Diesel Original Breeder: Big Buddha Seeds Dispensary: The Guild San Jose

Chiesel Strain Review

#bigbuddhacheese x #nycdiesel . #THC = 28% . 🧀#loud.. Pungent Diesel smell with a strong sweet overtone and potent cheesey undertone . ⛽Mid-sized buds, breaks down easily(no sand) . 🧀#Trichomes and Orange hairs seeded deep in the flower and all throughout the leaves . ⛽Sweet taste when medicating – berry like flavor with a hint of the strong diesel flavor. . 🧀Fast acting High, this strain will have you feeling like the happy person on Earth. VERY SOCIAL and ENERGETIC high. Recommend for day time use. Use in small doses even if youre a ganja vet … It will hit harder than you think.. Great strain for indica users who want to try something new. . . S|O @theguildsj_official For another great product! 💯🤙🏿 #sjweedreview
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Check out more reviews by @sjweed.review on Instagram! (www.instagram.com/sjweed.review)

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