Edible Review: Mango Infused Gummies by Kanha Treats

Kanha Treats Mango Gummies 🍑🐯 #Mango #Infused #Gummies By Sunderstorm

Grower: Solara Flowers

Processor: Kanha Treats

Kanha Treats Mango Gummies Review

#THC -100MG(10MG/gummy)

100% #Indica and #glutenfree
#edibles Thanks to @kanhatreats by @sunderstormscientific
🐯These little things taste so good and pack a serious punch(Recommend for night time use*read below)
🐯 No THC aftertaste that edibles tend to have
The instructions say Eat 1-3 and wait 90 minutes, I felt it in less than 30 minutes. I started off my experience by eating 2 💪🏿then the next day I ate 1
🐯The high creeps up on you and is body tranquilizing. I needed to nap about 30 minutes after feeling the full effects of the edible.. so basically I was sleep an hour after eating.
🐯Sweet Taste, Similar to Peach Rings (Dare I say better🤔)
🐯About the size of a nickel in diameter and and about a half inch thick or less

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