Strain Review: Harmony Rose by Emerald Spirit Botanicals

This is the Harmony Rose strain by Flow Kana ­čî╣ #HarmonyRose

Lineage/Genetics: Black Rose cross

Original Breeder: Emerald Spirit Botanicals

Grower: Emerald Spirit Botanicals

Distributor: Flow Kana

Harmony Rose Strain Review

#CBD – 8.09%
#thc – 6.96%
­čî╣The high is fast acting and active. Feels like a 20%+ strain
­čî╣ Recommend for anytime of the day *similar to #Chiesel .

­čî╣Small – Midsized Nugs.

­čî╣Deep Green with a few Dark Orange hairs .

­čî╣Flower/earthy scent & taste, smooth smoke, breaks down great.
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