Strain Review: Red Congolese by Gold Seal SF

#RedCongolese 🇨🇩♥️🇨🇬 Lineage/Genetics: Afghani x Mexican Sativa x Congolese Original Breeder: Unknown Grower: Gold Seal SF

Red Congolese Strain Review

. 31.39% THC . 🇨🇬 Big Sticky Green Nugs loaded with tricomes and Orange Hairs . 🇨🇩 Extremely Strong & Sweet Diesel Scent . 🇨🇬This strain looks like a Indica but hits like a Sativa . 🇨🇩Mood enhancing and intensely energetic high . 🇨🇬THIS STRAIN IS FOR THE GO GETTERS. Great for a busy day/night, this stuff had me deep cleaning my car at 12am then having the best sleep of my life at 1am. Not for novices💪🏿 Thanks and Give the people @goldsealsf a follow. Looking forward to trying another strain soon. #sjweedreview
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Check out more reviews by @sjweed.review on Instagram! (www.instagram.com/sjweed.review)

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