Strain Review: Churros by Seppy’s Nursery

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Brand: HighMart x Seppys Nursery

Cultivar: Churros

Lineage/Genetics: Unknown

Original Breeder: Unknown

Grower: Seppy’s Nursery

Dispensary: Lemonnade Sacramento

Churros Strain Review

churros by seppy's nursery strain review by trunorcal42027 %THC
0% CBD
33.0% Total Cannabinoids
Pkg Date: 12/29/2020
Harvest Date: 12/15/2020

Comments: Gotta love new brands pushing hard on IG to get into shops, it’s a journey! Been seeing this land across all the shops at the tail end of 2020 and I’m finally posting the review.


1. Scent: Getting a sweet spice pine combination at first. Couple days later in a drawer chillin, I’m now finding more spice than sweet.

2. Appearance: Nice coloration. A majority of the nugs have purple hues, sparkling trichomes and a couple stringer hairs as well.

3. Nug Structure: Fluffy flower for sure on breakdown. Pulls without force but when using the grinder, it releases additional sweet tones.

4. Smoke: Really nice off the bubbler, clean also off bong for night caps. Not having a cough fit, chest is a little snug on inhale.

churros by seppy's nursery strain review by trunorcal420 35. Taste: Nice crisp at first, then a deep chest bulb of a danky woods, final exhale is a little sweet. Mouth is watering for sure. First smoke of the day for me and I’m loving this taste.

6. Reaction: Eyes are noticing a haze gloss to em. Focused on gamin some Warzone. Not doing well. Lol. Checking back in a few. Super stoned now. Prob 45 mins in and I could use a refill but I’ll ride it out, see how long total duration goes.

7. Conclusion: Just finished dinner, smoked one bowl, total long duration 90 mins. That’s def a heater, the reactions were long standing with a long ass high. Yet, I didn’t find myself thrown off. Pretty even stone and Would def recommend. Enjoyed this one.




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