Strain Review: Mendo Legend by Mendo Cannabis Company

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Brand: Mendo

Cultivar: Mendo Legend

Lineage/Genetics: Unknown

Original Breeder: Unknown

Grower: Mendo

Dispensary: Lemonnade Sacramento

Mendo Legend Strain Review

mendo legend by mendo strain review by trunorcal420 222%THC
26% Total Cannabinoids

Mfg/Pkg Date: 9/1/2020

Comments: Let’s go with Mendo today. Tried a few different flavors from them and I’ve loved the art work on the pkg as much as the weed so why not right?


1. Scent: Lots of nose hitting citrusy scent. Also a bit of a “vegetable that was just cleaned with fresh water”

2. Appearance: Semi dense B sized nugs with a good coat of trichomes and color. Small hits of purple coming through but mostly that frosted green. Little bit of an orange/red hue from the hairs.

3. Nug Structure: Pretty standard look and feel between fingers. No prob using a grinder or by hand to breakdown. Leaves little stickiness from the resins on fingers.

mendo legend by mendo strain review by trunorcal420 34. Smoke: Good inhale and exhale with no restrictions. “Green Tier” if ya will (dumb covid joke) but it was not an issue at all. Enjoying this cut.’

5. Taste: I’m getting some of that Kushy Mendo Breath with a swig of citrus notes. Rolling down the gullet – while I’m just now noticing the mouth is salivated. Getting a clean lettuce vibe too.

6. Reaction: Trippin. Not good for COD as I got smacked at 30 left. Lmfaooooooo. Great for the 1 hour type of “k, let’s get stoned and do something” but if you must focus def go elsewhere…little too spacey for normal shit, but like, gardening or something creative would be lit.

7. Conclusion: No issues at all with Mendo from the two or three grabs I’ve had. It’s a good stone and lasted roughly an hour, hour fifteen. Highly recommend for a daily user that is seeking a nice fully functional bag without sacrificing a lot to mister m0ney.



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