Strain Review: Ice Cream Sundae by Northern Emeralds

Strain: Ice Cream Sundae

Who: @northern_emeralds

Lineage: Ice Cream Kush x Sundae Driver

Original Breeder: Northern Emeralds

Grower: Northern Emeralds

Dispensary: The Artist Tree

Ice Cream Sundae Strain Review

ice cream sundae by northern emeralds strain review by thefirescale 2Aroma: IKEA Furniture, Rainbow-Striped Gum, Five-Spiced Powder.

Structure: Compact medium-sized buds that break off into crumbling chunks, fine trim, dry cure.

Palate: Floral Lifesaver, Play-doh, Sunflower Seed, Dry Finish.

Effect: Average Strength – Hazy head high w/ some body buzz.

Overall: The last effort with @northernemeralds didn’t fare too well, but based upon their stellar reputation I decided to give this one another ago.

Twist, Crackle, and Pop the jar to find a smell that I can best describes as particle board. Woof.

Internally, I monologue (or soliloquy for you fancy English nerds) obscenities as I grasp a light green nug. Leaf tips like Arabian daggers do not harm these fingers as I crack open a bud near my nose. And that’s all it took to release all the limonene terps that were hiding. There’s bright citrus and grape candy with a humulene yeast and pepper scent that finishes it off.

ice cream sundae by northern emeralds strain review by thefirescaleInterior is more brilliant than the outside, as it’s like it’s been powdered with glitter as I look inside. It crumbles a bit as I pack a bowl, not my favorite.

I end up having to burn through my entire portion with 3 different sized pieces to accurately decipher the flavor as I feel like it is so strangely muted. There’s raw pretzel dough, a floral herb note akin to rosemary, and a skin of a peanut, dry finish.

I’m bummed this is another miss for me. This can be good, it’s somewhere in the smell. But like always, for better or worse, I gotta keep it honest to myself. For this batch:

The Fire Scale: 5/10 flamey-wabba-doos

I’m willing to give em one more shot if I can get a fresh batch of Titan OG (which I’ve heard is their best) What should I do?

I know you all will let me know in the comments, and I appreciate the feedback and conversation 🔥 I do these notes for myself, but all of you make me want to always step it up every time. Thank you, I accept, and appreciate the challenge.

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