Strain Review: Jelly by Piranha Farms

Jelly- @piranhafarms (Maine)

Nose: Earthy, musty, almost has sort of a sweet bread smell.
Inhale: Sweet and musty
Exhale: Musty with a touch of sweet and sour.

Lineage/Genetics: Unkown

Grown by: Piranha Farms

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Bred by: Unknown

Jelly Strain Review

What’s up everyone? Happy Halloween and I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend and getting ready for the first week of November. Crazy to think we’re only 2 months away from 2022. Today, by luck of draw, I have a treat (not trick) for you none other than the Jelly by Piranha Farms out of Maine. Shoutout to @dankdabs1 for blessing me with this. I feel like it is important to support local growers and I do my best to go out of my way to provide those type of reviews. The Jelly strain was a rare offering for them that they ended up getting in a mixed bag of seeds (breeder unknown). For any of you who enjoy a strain with an earthy, musky funk well your in luck. Let’s waste no more time and get into the facts.

This didn’t come in anything fancier than a sandwich bag and what really caught me was those distinct earth notes upon opening the bag. I also caught strong scents of musk, gas and even a sweet bread-like smell grabbed my nose. I have nothing against the gelato and Runtz strains going around, however, sometimes your just in the mood for something more traditional. This had more than enough to offer as the nugs themselves were thick, dense and full of nutrients. Each one was a fair mix of purple and light green with an excellent frosted coating of crystals layered on top. With a considerable amount of orange pistils this Jelly strain certainly had a photogenic pose. Although the buds were sticky this didn’t pose any issues when grinding up. There was a moderate amount of kief produced and I noticed to get more bang for my buck when breaking the Jelly down.


Overall Rating 8.6/10

When I sparked this in an organic RAW, the inhale had a clear sweet musky funk to it. This may seem odd but I kept noticing bread and peanut butter terps from afar. Additionally, there was a berry taste that lingered from afar too around 1/3 of the way into the joint and throughout from there. A sweet and sour taste dominated on the exhale which made the aftertaste more and more fruity deeper into the sesh. However, I don’t recall ever tasting or smell distinct terps that tasted like Jelly when smoking this. The pulls were lightly gassy, smooth as butter, and cleaner than downtown Ottawa. This led to an effective burn resulting in a milk-white ash and heavy res-ring and nice drip around the cherry. This one was flavorful until about a 1/4 of the way until finished and every hit burned fairly slow and evenly. Personally, I feel like the cleanliness and smokability could be the main highlight of the Jelly’s overall profile.

The high from this one hit me head on as I went deep into thought and was overcome by increased awareness. There was a heavy build up in my cheeks and eyes on this and actually helped a lot with the allergies I’ve been having recently. I felt lost in space a good 20-30 minutes throughout the 3-4 different times I tried the Jelly. This was nothing overbearing but I did build up a mean appetite on this one. Since I smoked this at night throughout the week I found myself cooking up some homemade meals. The Sativa-like effects I experienced while smoking the Jelly made it easy to find the push to do weekly chores around the house after some long days. I don’t think a beginner or intermediate level smoker would find this too strong to dabble. Overall, I tend to lean towards more crippling strains, however, I don’t mind a strain like the Jelly at times that will provide that extra kick when needed.

My recommendation is pretty easy for this one. If you are looking for a potent day smoke to help take the edge off look no further. Additionally, if you prefer a smoother smoke over a more of a lung-smacking smoke this would more than likely be up your alley. I’m not discrediting the flavor on this as it had its unique profile of terps, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up too high if you are a terp hunter looking for new strains and profiles. I think that this one has a lot of potential down the road the more and more it is perfected. I found it weird that I could not find the genetics on Jelly as I kept seeing similar strains such as “Jelly Donut” or “Jelly Breath” but not the one I was looking for. I appreciate the generosity of Piranha Farms and the dank family for allowing me to try this offering and I will have the Deep Breath Review posted sometime this week.



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