Strain Review: Juicy Gushy by Atrium Cultivation

Juicy Gushy by @atriumcultivation

Lineage/Genetics: Juicy Gummy x Gushers

Original Breeder: Atrium Cultivation

Grower: Atrium Cultivation

Juicy Gushy Strain Review

The name alone was intriguing and yet another company I haven’t had any prior experience with. Let’s get into it!

Right off the bat I’m excited. To be fair anytime I pop open the lid of a jar and find a seal I’m juiced. I feel like it just shows that little extra care about the product and the consumer. My eighth consisted of one giant bud, almost 3 grams in weight, and a few smaller pieces. These buds were cured perfectly and are immaculate. Very deep purple colors with red hairs. One of those buds you can stop staring at.

Every time I get a jar that’s sealed I’m expecting the terps to punch me in the face when I pop it open. However, with this particular batch I did not experience that. I got more scents off the bud by breaking this bud down by hand or grinding it up. Once I finally did, I was able to find a few different scents present. I picked up hints of musky melon, chocolate cream, rubber soles and mint. After grinding it up the rubber smell kind of took over. The triangle kush in the gushers are very present in this strain.

My first taste test came from grinding up a small bud and stuffing a decent sized hit into a glass bong and using a heating wand. The flavors that were present when I did this were red gushers, dark chocolate and marshmallows. When smoking and using a hemp wick I was actually able to get a little bit different results. Terps that reminded me of grilled red onions, raspberries, citrus rind and a finish that reminded me of a bowl of plain Cheerios. Very complex. The paper test took a different but still pleasant turn. I tasted citrus (think fake lemon juice), soap, dryer sheet, and pixie stix. This strain had my tastebuds on its heels!

Anxiety killer is how I’d describe the high from this strain. Relaxing, calming, mind numbing, and sedating are all words I’d use to describe its effects. Heavy but clear head high, followed by a heavy body high. Great for getting ready for bed! @atriumcultivation I really enjoyed this one and I’ll definitely be checking out more of what you have to offer! 🔥🤘🏽🔥🤘🏽

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