Strain Review: Milk Bars by Krush Kings

#MilkBars 🥛🍫 🔟/🔟
#MothersMilk x #FloWhite 7

Lineage/Genetics: Mother’s Milk x Flo White #7

Original Breeder: Unknown

Grower: Krush Kings

Distributor: Gold Coast Distributions

Milk Bars Strain Review

26.20% #thc
30.97% #cbd
Thanks @krushkings @goldcoastdistribution
Flower Appearance 🔟/10🔥
(mid-small, long vibrant orange hairs, green and yellow hues)
Flower Aroma 🔟/10🔥
(Potent, condensed/powdered milk , earth and skunk #terpenes , soft hints of vanilla and pine)
Smokeability 🔟/10🔥
(heavy hitting ,potent , creamy/warm milk and earthy , slow burning, warm milk-tea flavor)
Effects 🔟/10🔥
(fast acting , body dominant, stress relief , heady, functional, manage aches/pains, mood enhancing , appetite inducer, creative/ambitious boost)
🥛Vibrant and colorful nugs, many clusters of long orange hairs, buried in between soft ,dense and sticky buds. The color ranges from a nice vibrant emerald on the tips of the leaves to a light green on the break down. The blanket of #trichomes is very dusty and sticky and gives the flower an off white almost yellow tint just like milk.The flower is dense but still soft and has a great structure when broken down. *Smaller nugs but @kingskrush said they would look into it 💯🙏🏿
🍫 When opening the jar ,instantly your nose is suffocated with the scent of warm milk and hints of vanilla with a strong deeply layered fresh earth tone carrying hints of skunk and pine. All together creating a milky, creamy, earth aroma.
💯The flavor matches the unique aroma. During the inhale and exhale you can taste the consistency of the deep milky earthy #terpenes almost like drinking warm milk tea. You can taste the sweet and pine hints the more you palette gets used to the taste.
🔥The potency is carried straight to your brain on the first hit, delevering instant relaxation, euphoria, stress relief and a nice boost of creativity. This is a true hybrid , so sometimes the effects will be slightly different (your body may react different depending on what it needs). For the most part its a consistent indica dominant hybrid. Long lasting ,relaxing effects. Great for managing stress and minor pains and aches. Great for high tolerance flower smokers. Super potent smoke! 1 blunt hits like 2.
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⏱💯🔥History Minute🔥💯⏱
—Flo was created by breeder DJ Short in the 1990s when he crossed a hybrid of Highland Thai with Purple Thai (a cross of Chocolate Thai with Oaxacan Gold,) with an Afghani landrace strain. Cannabis Canada Magazine named Flo the #1 strain at the 1996 Cannabis Cup.—
⏱💯🔥History Minute 🔥💯⏱


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