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Strain Review: Silver Cloud by A Golden State

Silver Cloud 💨⛅️✨ Review High Quality Indica Cannabis Flower Lineage/Genetics: Unknown Original Breeder: A Golden State Grower: A Golden State Dispensary: Urbn Leaf

Silver Cloud Strain Review

silver cloud by a golden state strain review by 2. 23.21% THC Content 0.04% CBD Content 27.40% Total Cannabinoids . TERPENES Caryophyllene, Limonene, Linalool, Myrcene, Humulene & Pinene . @agoldenstate – @therealunclesimmon @nishantreddy @urbnleafsanjose @westcoastsmokeshow . @agoldenstate is a “luxury”cannabis company focused on making a difference. They work closely with @aclu_socal and advocating for equal rights, drug reform and criminal justice. . The flower is sustainably grown in small batches, using Mt. Shasta snowmelt and natural soil from the base of the cascades and hydroelectric-sourced electricity. The genetics are all proprietary and created inhouse and each nug was trimmed by hand. . Unique, amazing tasting, smooth chocolate, lavender, earth and hops flavors coat your tastebuds. The aroma’s as unique as the flavor, consisting of deep, pungent herbal and chocolate notes with a floral lavender aroma relieving some of the weight of the other aromas. . The flower provides super potent, fast acting indica effects. You’ll get an exceptional productive mood boost and a strong pain relieving body buzz within the first few puffs. A great balanced high , very calming and great for unwinding with some snacks and YouTube after a long day. . Colorful, big, chunky nugs dusted with trichomes that give the flower a gold ting when the sunlight hits. The leaves are mostly purple with lime green showing up closer to the bright green stems. Bold vivid orange complement the colorful aesthetic .
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