Strain Review: Zodiac by Mount Burnin Farms

Zodiac ♒️🌉 Review

Lineage/Genetics: Gelato 33 S1 (Gelato 33 {reversed} ❎ Gelato 33 )

Original Breeder: Don Merfos Exoticz

Grower: Mount Burnin Farms

Zodiac Strain Review

♒️This Zodiac is killer and will sneak up on you. Although its not as dangerous as the our Bay Area serial killing legend, the strain will have you couchlocked and comatose wondering where you’reat and what time it is.
🔥Extremely dense, tightly spaced, hardball kolas with a heavy coat of trichomes. The nugs have an array of colors ranging from deep, dark purple on calyxs , light green and forest green with amber orange pistils peppered throughout the beautiful plant.
🔪The aromas are sweet and earthy, giving off pungent ice cream notes with a heavy floral (lavender) gas undertones and candied hints of fruity berries. Super consistent flavors of ice cream and floral fuel with a super slow burn and potent af through every puff.
👺Heavy hitting, super potent smoke. A heavy rush of relaxtion will hit your body, eliminating all pains and aches that may be affecting you. Your mind stays intact and present as you gain ultimate relaxation, more experienced smokers will find a euphoric boost of dreamy creativity that’ll have you coming up with unique ideas and looking at things from crazy perspectives.
💯Yall go check out @_nature_sweetest_dank @nsd420_ edit and super high def 4k images of this same strain💯.

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