Strain Review: Tort by FEEL GOOD

By @feelgood_420 @flowersbyfidels
Gifted by @luxurylungs_dmv

Lineage/Genetics: Unknown

Original Breeder: Unknown

Grower: Flowers by Fidels x FEEL GOOD

TORT Strain Review

tort by feel good x flowersbyfidels strain review by cannasaurus_rex_reviews 2Appearance – So I will start off by saying I love the no thrills packaging, brand name no flashy colors just feel good and tort with nice maroonish colored stickers, I feel this is the right way to do things and let the pack talk for itself, so let’s see how she talks. Upon pinching the two sides and popping off the top to the calyx jar I am met with fat fluffy dense medium sized nugs, no real honker buds but they are absolutely stunning, the flower is packed down with beautiful orange pistils that roll into frosty trich consumed nugs, the trim appears to be hand trimmed with care leaving behind dusted sugar leaves, the green tones are all over the place from mossy green to an earthy green to plum purples and were deffinetly eye poppers, nicley done!

Smell – Oh how important those terps are and she is loaded down with them, as soon as I cracked the jar my nose filled with a sweet sugary rasberry tort like musk like those delicious rasberry filled sugar cookies you can get around holidays, as I smell deeper the tone changes to a more subtle rasberry mixed with hints of organic earthiness, nice and sweet to a smooth clean finish, upon grinding a nug up the sweet rasberry sugar overpowers like a sweet sour candy like aroma.

Taste – On my inhale, a slight hint of rasberry gas like terps hits my lips but shifts into a nice smooth earthy clean hit, very little lung expansion as it was a pleasant experience, on the exhale the smoothness was amazing and had alot more of that sweet berry as the smoke expells from my mouth. A1 toke!!!!!

Effects – Creeper warning!!!!!! On more than one occasion I took three bong hits and was like eh fuck it, I’ll take one or two more, this was unnecessary as the stone really likes to sneak up on you, after each pull I could feel very slight shifts in my head, like catching myself staring at a poster or just a plain old wall and that was after two hits, the stone is very subtle at first after 3 hits, but just wait she’ll catch up and smack you hard. I feel extremly mellow almost as if I am levitating off the seat I’m in as the euphoria pours over me.

The stone is quite long lasting and I found it great for after work or before bed, this was my very first experience with this brand but I was not one bit disappointed and I will be back and I can’t wait to try more.



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