Strain Review: Wild Thornberries by Grandiflora

Wild Thornberries 🍓🍒

Lineage/Genetics: Lemon Cherry GelatoPina Acai

Original Breeder: Grandiflora Genetics

Grower: Grandiflora

Wild Thornberries Strain Review

🔥Dense sticky kushy nug structure with a pheno that leans toward LCG, developing long thick stalks, deep purple blended with blue grey on the leaves and a cakey layer of bone white Trichomes that create a pale oyster color when over the purple and deep earthy green hues. The pistils are a bold dirty orange helping the wild look. Fresh but still had a nice crispness as I broke them down. Two different phenos of nugs in this batch(1 with more purple in the leaves 2nd pheno seemed a little lighter in color developing greener hues and double the amount of trichomes) both retained the same or close to the same potency when smoked together or seperate.
💯The aroma has a heavy and pungent mix of delicious berries (cherry, blackberry,licorice, apple,strawberries) and deep fresh baked dessert notes. Sweet Berries stain your senses, after smoking your sure to smell and taste hints of the flavors.
💨The flavor is really unique ,off the first puff the smoke was super thick and flavorfull, I taste sweet warm apples and a deep black cherry flavor dominate my tastebuds with a sweet finish as I inhaled. Exhaling, the flavors get slightly more bitter adding an earthy twist to the sweet berry flavors.
🍒Intense and body dominant high, first got a nice numbing tingle in my feet and legs, throughout the sesh the sensation slowy creeped up my spine, relaxing my back and surrounding muscles as the weight of stress was taken off, puting me on an uplifting cloud . My body was slowly succombing to gravity but not causing me to lose energy. The mind effects are very effective, you’re too busy being infatuated with aromas and flavors that you dont realize an elevating mood. I was motivated to take on some light activity which quickly turned into a spontaneous all day event. (taking a walk, turned into going to the park, turned into driving to the lake and spending the day there.) A great strain for managing depression, it gives you a nice euphoric boost while you shake off any knots of negativity you may have built up.

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