Strain Review: Zozizos by Royal Budline

The Zozizos strain #zozizos 💤

Lineage/Genetics: Dosidos x Zkittlez

Original Breeder: Royal Budline

Grower: Royal Budline

Dispensary: The Guild San Jose

Zozizos Strain Review

#dosidos x #zkittlez

20.20% #thc
0.04 % #cbd
Flower Appearance 8/10
(good structure, medium ,green nugs, sticky)
Flower Aroma 7/10
(sour, potent, headstrong)
Smokeability 5/10
(harsh, dry ,cottonmouth)
Effects 5/10
(read below👇🏿)
💤Subtle scent of pine , strong sour tones matched with a potent sour and fresh greens flavor.
⭕️Heavy smoke with some harshness.
@ko_smokez says it has Strong body effects and is mood enhancing and relieving.
It gave me a sharp head change and gave me a headache with nearly every puff and also created some anxiety in me
medium and small nugs, dark green in color with small orange hairs. sticky and dense with small sharp stems.
#sjweedreview #sjweedreviews #latepost

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