Vape Review: Erez Cartridge by Tikun

Big Fan of the Erez but in my opinion it is a nice daytime hybrid.

Lineage/Genetics: Unknown

Indica or Sativa: Indica dominant hybrid

Original Breeder: Tikun Olam

Grower: Tikun

Processor: Tikun

Dispensary: VidaCann

Erez Cartridge Review

Most people felt it was just meh or they loved it not much in between. Effects are not heavy to me, seemed good for mood, conversation, nice all around chill vibe. I would use this before medical appointments and other activities where you want some medication but still need clarity. Same Tikun quality 2 hits and you can FEEL it. Look out for the next Tikun Cartridge the OR coming out next week. That will be the orange box love the colors. Have a blessed Sunday everyone!

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#vidacannfl #or #vidacann



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