Cultivar Review: Wallabeez by Walla Packs

Wallabeez cultivar #Wallabeez @wholelottawalla by @thebakedbodega

Lineage/Genetics – biscotti x Gelato 41 x gushers

Originally Bred by: The Baked Bodega @thebakedbodega x unknown cultivator

Grower: Walla Packs

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Wallabeez Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review by Letmeseewhatusmokin

@thebakedbodega has come with his creation that he started about 2 years ago. The results are Wallabeez 🐝. The creation of Biscotti(Gushers X Gelato 41) made in california with a New York State of mind.

The structure looks like biscotti with the scent of gelato 41. The bag design is made by the talented @theslapsco. The nugs were grown in living soil. They had a dense structure and fresh appearance. The palate is gushers sweet citrus gas with the earthy and pungent essence of gelato 41 . I can also taste motor breath after fumes from the biscotti. The scent is candy sweetness, pungent floral herbal, whiff of gas aroma. The high is a medium high level cerebral effect. At first you taste the terps of citrus and sweetness with diesel, then it creeps up around 5-6 pulls in . By the time I finish, I was fly high like I was wearing Wallabeez back in the early 00s.

The high can last about 2 hours on the first attempt, and follow by 2 hours on the second joint. I smoked it on a @bigapplerollingpapers and then vibes cone. The ashes burn salt 🧂 clean. The cultivators took their time with this beauty. The inhale was smooth 😮‍💨 making you enjoy every pull of this exotic masterpiece. Overall I love the taste and smell, the effects are the highlights of this flower. The body high helped me with a stiff neck at work. The only con about this cultivar is the creep up high beside that she is a keeper .

Shoutout to @thebakedbodega for blessing me with this flamboyant creation. 4.8/5.

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Wallabeez Review by Robbreefa

Wallabeez (biscottix gushers xgelato41) by @thebakedbodega @wholelottawalla

Reefa rating:
Smell- ✅
Reefa recommended- ✅

Big shout out to my bro @letmeseewhatusmokin for sharing this with me and @thebakedbodega for growing this cultivar. Yoo @theslapsco I’m fucking with the deep blue on the bag man solid work!
This strain is no joke. Predominant Terps I picked up on this was geraniol, myrcene, and hint of bisabolol. Each inhale was packed with a wooddy rubber flavor and 93 gas exhale. I smoked this one on a riptip which I feel like really let the flavor come thru. This had me stuck for a few can’t lie. For the first 30mins I felt I was in one of them new galaxies they just found🤣. But after lil while your able to regain focus while still experiencing moldy sedatives effects. Holla at that man @thebakedbodega tell him reefa sent you! 💯🍃🍃🍃

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