Strain Review: Black Diamond by Cru Cannabis

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Brand: Cru

Strain: Black Diamond

Lineage/Genetics: Blackberry x Diamond OG

Original Breeder: Unknown

Grower: CRU Cannabis

Black Diamond Strain Review

23% THC

Comments: Budtender recommendations can go either way. Let’s see how this stacks to some recent “whoa” pick ups.


black diamond by cru cannabis strain review by trunorcal4201. Scent: First break of the mylar and I’m kinda not smelling anything. Little musky maybe but even on hand break I wasn’t seeing much.

2. Appearance: Bulbous looking dudes that have a ton of color to them. Multiple hues of green purple with a little leaf matter

3. Nug Structure: Looks tougher than they let on. Breaks apart with no problem but not really sticky so it’s good for the grinder.

4. Smoke: First bowl after a really long day and I either was still reeling with whatever was on my mind or this wasn’t hitting right. Smoked like normal tree, but wasn’t grabbing or anything.

black diamond by cru cannabis strain review by trunorcal420 25. Taste: Warmish wood spice but very faint, sticks to the pallet on the exhale just momentarily. Not much else unfortunately.

6. Reaction: Nada. Kinda weird since I’ve had Cru before I started my review page and didn’t find it this disappointing. Part of the reason this page exists is to track my pick ups and what to avoid.

7. Conclusion: No matter what I did, I just was not left with a good high. It was rated with a 23% THC but I’ve had lower ones and found a better stone. It’s gotta be due to the terps that didn’t hit with me. I’ve lurked on a few websites and some folks loved this and said it was fruitful with a good nose and nice body high. Unfortunately not the case with for me, bummer.

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