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Strain Review: Churros by South Bay Connetics

Churros 🥐🇲🇽 Lineage/Genetics: Unknown Original Breeder: Unknown Grower: South Bay Connetics

South Bay Connetics Churros Review

. @southbayconnetic @stickerfarmermadeit . 🇲🇽Happy Cinco De Mayo! I’ve been waiting to give yall this treat, so find you some Mexican food when you get the munchies and celebreate. . ✨Sweet cinnamon & spice aroma with creamy undertones. Faintly smells like a churro, imagine a day old room temperature churro but you can definitely smell notes of sweet cinnamon burried within creamy musk . 🥐Sweet cinnamon blended with woodys spice create a smooth heavy flavorful smoke. On the inhale I taste a deep earth lead sweet spice flavor with mouthwatering hints of cinnamon as I exhale. . 🔥Stoney, long lasting high that starts off heady and soothing before settling into your body. I felt relaxed and a little delirious and definitely looked high af with glossy red eyes. Really enjoyed this smoke great for anytime highly recommend💯 . Dense, softer, sticky, chunky nugs with dark indigo and mint green hues blended together in a peppered fashion. Pistils are dark amber and short like mini cinnamon sticks were buried within the leaves. There’s a super frosted trichome layer that gives the flower a sugar dusted look just like the classic Mexican dessert
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