Strain Review: Formula Won by Northern Emeralds

Strain: Formula Won
Who: @northernemeralds

Lineage/Genetics: Black Lime #9 x Testarossa

Original Breeder: Northern Emeralds

Grower: Northern Emeralds

Dispensary: The Artist Tree

Formula Won Strain Review

formula won by northern emeralds strain review by thefirescale 2Stats: 27% THC – .04% CBD
32% Total Cannabinoids

Aroma: Swamp, Moss, Algae, Wet Greenery, Diesel.

Structure: Similar to classic Afghani, buds that break off from the stem in large chunks, followed by crumbling off into your fingers

Palate: Butane, Motorcycle Exhaust, Bag o’ Fresh Cut Grass, Soil.

Effect: Above-Average Strength – Sativa-leaning hybrid, I get a complete head shift with just a tinge of body high. My heart rate has definitely increased, similar to high caffeine intake. Smoke this, go to the gym 💪

Overall: As I crack open the jar I am brought back to a smell that I haven’t come across for a long time… Stress.

If you’re not familiar with “stress”, well then lucky you. It carries negative connotations to this day, because it was a signifier that the herb was gonna give you a headache and stress you out, but I know we’ve moved on from that point. Northern Emeralds can’t possibly be selling stress for this price. They’re not, this is much better than that dirt from the past, but let’s dig in.

formula won by northern emeralds strain review by thefirescaleThere are some gnarly tones coming out at me here, like wet wood, landscaping waste, and two-stroke engine smoke. Combine that with the sensation of bringing a piece of swampy bark up to your nose.

The palate isn’t any easier either. For context, Sour Diesel, Afghani, and Purple Kush make up the strain Magnum Opus, which is in the lineage of Testarossa. Sadly, this MO is dominating in this cut of Formula Won. I can’t make up any of the citrus notes from the Black Lime #9, which would be a relaxation for the palate from the overload of mossy flavors.

You may be reading this and absolutely loving the sound of this strain, and if you do grab it, because it is very potent and you’ll definitely dig it.. But, as I’m sure you can tell, this one is not for me.

The Fire Scale: 5/10 flame-diiivuhhs

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