Strain Review: Superfood by SF Cultivators

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Brand: SF Cultivators

Cultivar: Superfood

Lineage/Genetics: Açaí x Gelato x Kush Mintz 11

Original Breeder: SF Cultivators

Grower: SF Cultivators

Dispensary: Lemonnade Sacramento

Superfood Strain Review

superfood by sf cultivators strain review by trunorcal420 227%THC
0% CBD
29% Total Cannabinoids
Pkg Date: 1/5/2021
Harvest Date: 11/13/2020

Comments: Oh hell yes! I seen this in the Bay but not out here, so when Lemonnade scooped it I had to grab!


1. Scent: A short berry nose to start then cream and subtle spice.

2. Appearance: Lots to appreciate on this gal. Fire orange red hairs, a literal ton of trichomes that gleam oh so nice in sunlight. Wow.

3. Nug Structure: NonFluff non dense nugs. Pulls apart with ease or grinding for joints, all the better.

4. Smoke: Clean deep smoke on the chest. Feeling great on exhale as the living room fills with clouds.

superfood by sf cultivators strain review by trunorcal420 35. Taste: Interesting charcuterie of flavors: little gas to start and finish. Middle is a cool mint candle like sensation. Mouth is left a lil tingly, menthol-esque, if you will. Few days later, same smooth minty refreshment.

6. Reaction: Woo NFL weekend with this, even tho my 9ers are out, I’m feeling great. Nice body and mind high. Focused but lazy eyes and I’m sinking into the couch. Few days later, same reaction- feeling relaxed and not anxious one bit.

7. Conclusion: Didn’t move for almost 45 mins 🤣. Started watching the Titans Vs Ravens game and was sucked in, couldn’t even finish the review till after the game. I’ve had excellent reactions with this one! Tag a shop that ya think needs this! This is one of those “everyone would love it” cuts.




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