Strain Review: White Raspberry by STIIIZY LIIIT

White Raspberry 🍇🤍🍒 Review
21.68% thc
@stiiizy @cannaculturecorp
indoor indica

Lineage/Genetics: Unknown

Original Breeder: Unknown


Dispensary: Canna Culture

White Raspberry Strain Review

white raspberry by stiiizy liiit strain review by 2🍇The nugs are big and bold, Trichomes cover the flower completely. Breaks down well has sturdy kush structure and the buds stay intact not breaking down into sand, although there is a slight grainy texture (probably due to the potent Trichome blanket)
🍒Aroma is amazing. A great mix of sweet berries, hops and subtle spice with a creamy back end to bring it all together. When opening the jar you’re reminded of warm sweet fruity pastries. As u break the flower down the earthy aroma is more prominent and the sweet cream and berries fall underneath it a bit.
🔥When smoking you can really taste the berries and warmth of the sweet cream mixed with the earthyness coming in strong but late . kind of mirroring the aroma. The first hit soaks into your body helping you relax and that sensation infiltrates you’re body and senses similar to walking past a bakery and smelling the fresh pastries. A nice smooth smoke thats consistent in flavor in every hit you can taste the sweet berries and earthness well balanced. the calming sensation grows until you reach a point of bliss with munchies following close behind.
🤍Dont expect a crazy high off the bat , the flavor kind of outweighs the high by just a bit, i guess i was expecting more potency upfront. With that said, it definitely makes up for it with its consistent flavor, long lasting a increasing high, and big kushy nugs. Mood enhancing and subtle social high with some great stress relief effects
💯The flower has a beautiful variety of colors that really match its unique aroma. Off first glance you can see a mostly green nug with hints of purple and some vibrant orange stigmas, and frosty layer of trichomes. Up closer you can Lime green buds with a nice balance of purple leaves developing mostly on the outer layers with bright short orange stigmas. The Orange Green and Purple give off a nice exotic vibe and really represent the nice mix aromas and flavors.

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